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Hailing from his Toyota Corolla by way of St. Louis, Missouri, Kevin Schlereth is a permanently-touring folk rock act with heart. Kevin’s music, including his latest release, Don’t Die! Please Stop Dying, invites you to rest in a pleasant balance of intelligence and emotion. Since beginning his touring career in 2002, Kevin has played over 1500 shows across the entire United States. Garnering comparison to a plethora of diverse artists including David Bazan, meWithoutYou, Modest Mouse, Conor Oberst, Josh Garrels, and Silversun Pickups, Kevin has proven to create somewhat enigmatic, shape-shifting music that is bound together with a common appreciation for the way that sound interacts with thought and feeling.
Kevin is currently focusing on playing house concerts as he continues to tour incessantly. House shows provide an ideal vehicle for Kevin’s vision of touring to build community and share life with people. He travels with his wife, Jessica, and their two children, Kevin and Madeline. They are not on a mission for fans or “likes,” they are seeking to turn new friends into family and to work alongside people that share their vision.

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The long road west

Fri, September 20, 12:18 am

We are wrapping up a long west coast run this week with a few shows in Texas and Oklahoma.  This trip came with many highlights and lowlights, but there is little time to reflect on those things as an east coast run is just around the corner.  Thanks for all of the support, we look forward to seeing each of you again soon!

Headed East!

Tue, May 14, 7:33 am

Hey Friends!  We are about two weeks into our latest east coast tour run and it has been great so far.  SXSB was super fun and we have had a few holes in the schedule fill up with really fun shows at the last minute.  So exciting!  Be sure to keep an eye on the show schedule and come see us if you have the chance.

West Coast Tour Wrapping Up

Sat, April 13, 9:24 am

Thanks to everyone who made this trip west one of our best ever.  It was lovely to be able to share Don't Die with all of you.  The repsonse was overwhelming and for the first time ever, we ran out of cds on a leg of tour and needed to print some homemade copies so we had some to share with the fine folks of Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

We are gearing up for an east coast run slated to start just after this trip ends.  See you there!

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“There’s so much heart poured into every note plucked, every word whispered, and every pulsing beat.” Fallon Braddy
Fallon’s Review of Don’t Die

“Kevin’s lyrical themes involve reflections on living a godly, eternally-minded life in modern society. Often challenging, the lyrics are believable because they are personal, yet encouraging because they also reveal hope.” Joshua Hedlund - IndieVisionMusic
IVM Review of Don’t Die

“Kevin is just a guy, but it’s whatever.” Erik

“This stocking-footed prophet to the suburbs is sure to knock your socks off.” Vogue

“Kevin does whatever he wants. He does crazy things.” Dr. Folklore

“Horrible!” Kevin III

“Kevin is nice enough, but he should try to be more encouraging. What kind of a Christian artist is not encouraging?” Mildred

“I missed his show, but I bought a bunch of Magic cards from him!” Tony


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Don't Die, Please Stop Dying!